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At any one time Winterwood has around fifty registered tutors. Below is a representative sample of tutors currently working for us.

LaurieneilsmallsphotographyLondon-120 (534x800)

Laurie is a charismatic and versatile tutor who has five years’ experience in the industry. Laurie specialises in preparing students for entrance exams, particularly pre-tests and common entrance. Laurie has travelled all around the world with a number of international families, and has always been highly praised for his dedication and organised approach to tuition.

Laurie graduated from Cambridge with a BA Honours degree in Geography. Although he enjoyed the study, Laurie’s true passion lay in acting, and he now studies at the elite Drama Studio London. Laurie brings the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the stage into his teaching, inspiring and engaging students of all ages.

Subjects: Common Entrance, 11+, Pre-Tests, 11+ (all subjects), Geography, Oxbridge interview prep.

EmilyneilsmallsphotographyLondon-34 (533x800)

Emily began teaching for Winterwood in 2013, having previously worked with young children in a number of capacities. Emily specialises in teaching younger students, and uses her wide experience of the bookselling trade to recommend interesting and inspiring volumes to younger readers. Emily has a natural connection with younger students, who naturally gravitate towards her. She has taught 7+ and 8+ English and Maths and has a strong knowledge of the entry requirements at this level.

Emily is currently studying for a PhD at King’s College London, in American Studies, having previously graduated from the University of East Anglia. Emily has a strong interest in US culture and morality, and brings this thoughtful, enquiring approach to her teaching.

Subjects: 7+ and 8+ (all subjects), Key Stage One, English (up to A Level)

NiralneilsmallsphotographyLondon-151 (533x800)

Niral has been teaching since 2013, and specialises in Maths tuition. He has experience of teaching GCSE and entrance exam Mathematics, and relishes a new mathematical challenge. Niral is an intelligent and dedicated tutor who is able to rapidly identify and target areas of weakness, working to entrance exam syllabus to ensure students are comprehensively prepared.

Niral graduated with a first class Maths Degree from Cambridge in 2012. As with many exceptional graduates, Niral was soon offered a full time job  but still tutors in his free time, and has limited availability as a highly skilled Maths tutor.

Subjects: Maths at all levels


neilsmallsphotographyLondon-28 (533x800)Pete has worked as a teacher and tutor for several years. He has experience of teaching a range of levels and subjects and has taught at Queen Mary, University of London for six years. Pete has taught in Romania and Moscow, and is independently minded and up for any challenge. Pete is an expert English tutor and has experience of teaching undergraduate, A-Level, GCSE, 11+ and entrance exam English, along with teaching English as a foreign language.

Pete has completed a PhD in English at Queen Mary, University of London and is now involved in post-graduate research. Pete has a range of intellectual interests and would be an inspiring mentor or tutor for any student.

Subjects: English at all levels, EFL

Tutor Training

In many agencies, tutors are simply pointed towards a client and then allowed to operate completely independently. At Winterwood, we feel it is important to manage the process, both for the benefit of our clients and tutors. Tutors really benefit from our resources, guidance and training, and enjoy working in and feeling part of a team.

At Winterwood, we organise regular tutor events, to bring our staff together and to encourage them to share good working practice. We also organise regular training. We train tutors in entrance exam tuition, deconstructing past papers and giving detailed guidance on effective marking and feedback. Our tutors provide accurate grades and useful feedback. We regularly provide top-up training to existing tutors, to ensure that our service remains relevant and effective.

Mentoring and Guidance

Many of our more experienced tutors, along with Winterwood’s Managing Directors, form lasting bonds with their students. In some cases, tuition can function in part as mentoring, with students meeting tutors on an occasional basis for many years. This sort of life guidance is really valued by our clients, who understand the important of effective role models. It is always inspiring to see a student develop and go from strength to strength under the tutelage of a dedicated mentor. To enquire about life mentoring or long-term guidance services, please address enquiries to Dr Tom Parkinson.