Winterwood success stories

Winterwood success stories


Success Stories

Winterwood has helped hundreds of students to achieve their objectives. Students approach Winterwood with a variety of different needs, and we work closely with our tutors to ensure a tailored approach which will always yield results. Below are some examples, each one reproduced with permission from the student’s family.

Case Study One

A, a boy from the Hampstead area, came to Winterwood in 2012, needing to completely revise his approach to English. Following six months tuition and an intensive two week placement in France (with daily tuition and mock exams) A performed incredibly well in his entrance exams, gaining offers from St Paul’s, Winchester, Harrow, and City of London, being offered an academic scholarship from CLSB.

Case Study Two

V, a girl from the Kensington area, approached Winterwood in 2013, needing help with entrance exams. V needed high level help to gain a scholarship level grade at her target school. V took intensive classes with a very experienced tutor, and her family were delighted when her effort was rewarded with an academic scholarship from Latymer.

Case Study Three

S, a boy from the Holland Park area, approached Winterwood in 2014, for lessons prefacing his pre-tests for Eton and comparable boarding schools. S received offers for every school he applied to; Eton, Harrow, King’s College, St Paul’s and Westminster. He has since taken on and used the higher level skills he was taught to now prepare for scholarship exams, which he has every chance of success in.

Case Study Four

F approached Winterwood six months before the 11+ exams, having been told by her school that she did not have the aptitude for the schools she wanted to apply to. After weekly tuition for two months the school revised their opinion completely, and she has now passed the pre-tests for SPGS and Wycombe Abbey. She has a strong chance of getting offers from both schools in the new year.


“I was very impressed by my tuition, and I would recommend Winterwood Tutors. I got a D and a C in my mock English Language and Literature GCSE exams, but with Tom’s help I finished with two A grades.” – A, 16

“I like Jade a lot as she is nice to me and she makes our lessons fun, and I like reading and writing more too because I am better at it now.” – K, 9

“I miss my old tuition! I wish I had taken English A Level now. Thanks Tom.” – J, 16

Entrance Exam Expertise

Both Tom and Jade have spent years studying the entrance exam system, and have developed tailored resources and methods which ensure success. Tutors are taught exactly how to prepare students for English, Maths or Reasoning, and are provided with resources and extensive training.

There are many distinctions between the exams schools administer, and it is particularly important to differentiate between written papers and the ISEB pre-tests and the comparable (but not similar) CEM style tests. Many tutors do not recognise this distinction, and it is essential that they are taught how to prepare for these exams and provided with the resources and guidance that they need.

When you take on a Winterwood tutor, you can be certain that they will be well prepared and ready to help any student face the challenge of the entrance exams.