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Private Tuition

We specialise in providing tutors for the 10+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams, along with support for students attempting pre-tests or taking Common Entrance. We also provide support for all GCSE and A Level subjects, and there is a small, but growing demand for undergraduate guidance and mentoring.  We have many years of experience in the field and so we ensure that our tutors have support, guidance, resources and a clear objective in mind.

Tutors liaise closely with the agency to track students’ progress, and provide monthly feedback reports. We organise a timetable of lessons one month in advance, at a mutually convenient time. We provide tutors with assessment reports and meet and brief them in advance of their lessons. All our tutors are regularly trained, and work together as a close and effective team.

The process of private tuition varies on a case by case basis, but typically tutors help contextualise learning, providing examples, methods and formulas students can learn and remember. Our specialist entrance exam tutors have access to hundreds of past papers and resources, and regularly meet to hone and update their teaching methodology.

We have a number of tutors with comprehensive experience of helping students with special educational needs, and we are sensitive to the individual requirements of each student. For more information, or to make an enquiry about tuition, please do get in contact.

Travelling Tutors

For the past four years we have been providing travelling tutors, who accompany families on their holidays or seasonal breaks. Tutors have in the past travelled to Tuscany, Sardinia, Provence, Ibiza, Odessa, Moscow, The Maldives, Monaco, New York and other UK and international destinations with our clients.

Typically, our tutors would be providing intensive support for entrance exams. Intensive lessons (twenty to thirty hours a week) have allowed past students to rapidly improve in the weeks before an assessment. Students have improved by several grades – 30-40% or more – in this time, and it is a really productive process which always yields results.

Tutors are available for short term placements of up to six weeks, at a rate individually negotiated dependent on the experience of the tutor and the nature of the family’s requirements. For more information, please do get in touch.

Intensive Tuition for International Students

In the past year many of our international clients have organised intensive pre-exam tuition in London, travelling to the UK for three or four weeks of lessons prior to assessments. We are able to provide tutors on an intensive basis, and have experience of organising intensive pre-exam tuition at short notice. To find out more about this service, please get in touch.


One of the cornerstones of our service is the assessment process. Before a program of tuition is agreed, one of our Managing Directors will travel to a student’s home and carry out a comprehensive assessment. Feedback will either be imparted in person, or a report can be compiled and emailed to the family. A report is typically between 1000-2000 words, and represents a detailed breakdown of grade averages, areas of weakness, and suggestions for a program of tuition. The report is fair and impartial and we do not always recommend tuition! Our families always appreciate this detailed and comprehensive early-stage assessment, and it is something that we do encourage before we engage a new client, as it provides a plan and structure for future tuition, if needed.

To organise an assessment, please get in touch.

Research Service for Authors and Family Historians

Many of Winterwood’s Tutors are recruited from university departments. Typically, our tutors are studying towards a PhD or engaged in post-doctoral research. This gives us access to a wide range of research specialisations. In the past, our clients and authors have used our tutors to help in a range of research projects, from modernist literature to family history and genealogy.

We are able to offer the services of a limited number of skilled and experienced academic researchers. Our researchers are skilled professionals and are paid by the hour for their service. We will provide an estimate and quote for their services before any project is agreed. To address a specific enquiry to Winterwood Tutors, please contact Dr Tom Parkinson.


We believe in paying our tutors a fair rate for their time and experience. Our tutors are paid a high hourly rate, and in return they reward us with their loyalty and dedication. Winterwood takes a slightly different approach (read about our approach here) to other agencies, closely managing the tuition process and supplying resources and guidance to our tutors. We therefore have a small, loyal client base who are happy to pay our fees in return for an exceptional standard of service.

Our fees for private tuition start at £65/hour.

Our fee for an assessment is £150 (for up to an hour and a half’s initial consultation), or £250 if, in addition to the initial consultation, clients would also like a detailed feedback report (typically 1000-2000 words).

Our fees for travelling tutors are available on request.