Cosmas began to work with a team of Winterwood tutors immediately before his ISEB pretest exams. He worked with a Maths tutor, a reasoning tutor, and an English tutor. The tutors were only engaged eight weeks before the exams, so Cosmas, although a fiercely intelligent boy, had to work intensively with the tuition team to push up his averages.

His tutors took him through the entire ISEB pretest syllabus in this time, covering every rule they anticipated being tested on the exam. His English tutor also worked to boost vocabulary and composition skills, conscious of the second-stage written exams.

Although time was short, Cosmas did fantastically well. He was offered places at City of London, UCS, Highgate, St Paul's and Westminster; every school to which he applied. In the end, Cosmas chose to take up the offer from St Paul's, and will take up his place shortly.