About Winterwood Tutors

A different approach to other agencies

Offering a unique, tailored service

Managing Partners

Dr Tom Parkinson

neilsmallsphotographyLondon (533x800)Tom has been working in the tuition industry since 2007. Tom has thousands of hours of tuition experience, and an enviable success rate, guiding students to target schools such as Eton, Harrow, Winchester, St Paul’s, Westminster, City of London and many more. Two of his students have been offered full academic scholarships by CLSB recently, and he has extensive knowledge of the entrance exam process.

Tom now rarely tutors and devotes much of his time to running Winterwood and a new venture, Beyond the Book Learning. Prior to co-founding Winterwood with Jade Everingham, Tom completed a PhD in the English Department at Queen Mary, University of London, teaching on the Shakespeare and Reading, Theory and Interpretation undergraduate courses.

Tom is responsible for recruiting new tutors and for producing assessment reports. Tom is also the point of contact for business and research services enquiries. Feel free to contact Tom at:


Jade Everingham

WinterwoodtutorsLondon-5Jade has worked in the private tuition industry since 2008, and has honed a style of tuition founded in an academic approach to entrance exams, pushing students far beyond their level. Jade’s students have won prestigious academic scholarships and achieved incredible GCSE and A Level grades, including academic scholarships at Latymer Upper and South Hampstead, 100% in A Level English exams, and an increase from a ‘C’ grade to an ‘A*’ in just six weeks of A Level English tuition.

Jade now has less time for tuition and, like Tom, concentrates on running Winterwood.  Jade co-founded Winterwood Tutors with Tom, and was instrumental in founding Winterwood International, covering placements and tuition outside the United Kingdom. Prior to founding Winterwood, Jade graduated from Queen Mary, University of London with a First Class degree in English. She also holds an interdisciplinary MA from the same institution, in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, and has worked as a researcher for the London Metropolitan Archives and the British Library.

Jade is the first point of contact for enquiries from new clients, and also arranges assessments for new students. Feel free to contact Jade at:


Account Managers

Maya and Alice are our account managers. They manage all scheduling and payments, and act as a point of contact for tutors and clients.

Maya Joharchi

neilsmallsphotographyLondon-159 (533x800)

Maya has worked in the private tuition industry for a number of years now, both in administration and as a Maths and Science tutor herself, so has a real insight into the tuition process. She also holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from King’s College London, and has just completed an MA at the London School of Economics.

If clients are more comfortable speaking in Arabic, Maya is the one to contact.

Feel free to contact Maya at:




Alice Krayeva

DSC_0795 (533x800)Alice has just completed an English BA at Queen Mary, University of London, and will soon begin an English MA at the same institution. She is an experienced administrator and English tutor, and also specialises in children’s and young adult literature, providing reading sessions created uniquely for Winterwood clients. These introduce students to a wide range of engaging texts, designed to prepare children for future exams as well as enthusing them about reading.

If clients are more comfortable speaking in Russian, Alice is the one to contact.

Feel free to contact Alice at:



Our Approach

Winterwood takes a slightly different approach to other agencies. We believe in offering a unique, tailored service, and our clients understand and appreciate this. We manage the tuition process carefully, and ensure that tutors are introduced to families, fully briefed in advance and, importantly, provided with the training, resources and guidance that they need to achieve success.

A Winterwood tutor will always have a clear idea of their objective, and they will always be working under the close supervision of the agency, benefitting from the expertise of the Managing Directors, Tom Parkinson and Jade Everingham. We go to great lengths to ensure tuition is fit to purpose, and make sure that all clients benefit from an initial introductory assessment (see here for details) which sets out exactly what a student will need before the process begins.

Winterwood also prefers to offer postgraduate tutors whenever possible. As both Tom and Jade have postgraduate degrees themselves, they understand the added value and context (crucial for entrance exams) which postgraduate tutors can bring. Students find them more interesting and inspiring, and in many cases see them as role models. They provide access to higher education, and an academic style of learning which is exactly what schools look for in entrance examinations. The ability to think in a different, or higher way, or show a novel way of approaching a problem, will impress a school, and ensure that the student stands out.

We aim to offer an elite, tailored service and we are selective about the clients we work with. Many of our clients come directly through personal recommendation and understand the value we bring, but if you are not visiting through personal referral, please do feel free to browse our site to learn more, or contact our Account Managers Maya or Alice to learn more:


Entrance Exams

The majority of the tuition carried out by tutors working for Winterwood involves preparation for entrance exams. Our experienced tutors have prepared hundreds of students for entrance exams at independent schools in London and boarding schools around the country.

We specialise in preparation for the 11+ and 13+ exams. We have hundreds of past papers, bespoke resources, and documents which break down the process and explain exactly how students are assessed at this level.

Our method involves carefully matching a tutor to a student, ideally at an early stage so they have plenty of time to prepare. The tutor and student then work together intensively, covering all aspects of the admission process. We prefer to offer separate tutors for English/Verbal Reasoning and Maths/Non-Verbal, as we have found this to add value to the process.

Using our resources and tailored tuition process, we have guided hundreds of students to their target schools. Recently, Winterwood students have accepted offers from St Paul’s, Westminster, City, Haberdashers’, Highgate, UCS, Latymer, Dulwich College, Merchant Taylor’s and Mill Hill, along with St Paul’s Girls, City of London Girls, North London Collegiate, South Hampstead, Godolphin & Latymer, Francis Holland and more. Outside London, we have helped students gain entrance to schools such as Eton, Harrow, Wellington, Marlborough, Cheltenham Ladies’, Wycombe Abbey, Charterhouse, Bradfield, Millfield and many more.